We believe that people can significantly improve their lives by performing acts of Seva for others. Seva is an expression of compassion for others and a genuine desire to uplift, without expecting anything in return. These selfless acts are centered around the core values of family, friendship, trust, loyalty, and respect within the context of individuals, and as a purpose-driven organization. When common values are nurtured, promoted, and upheld, we protect our personal and joint freedoms. We also believe that friendship and love are universal and, when cultivated, have the ability to transcend differences in humanity.


Jake Jensen
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

 Jake’s vision is that the concept of Seva will motivate positive behavior and foster unity in our future. His aim is to create a prosperous  opportunity for those who want to be a part of  nurturing, promoting, and upholding these values.

By welcoming new Independent Business Promoters (IBPs) and fostering their success through a focus on fiscal responsibility, managed growth, and resource stewardship, his goal is to ensure that Sevara Global will be profitable, sustainable, and scalable for years to come.

Ricardo Sousa
President & Founder

Ricardo is recognized as a personable leader who is focused on getting things done.  His years of experience in international infrastructure, technology, financial education, and direct selling have prepared him to guide Sevara’s IBPs towards the unbound success and life-changing opportunities that await.

For two decades Ricardo has worked as an owner, executive, and consultant for numerous companies, building revenue in the hundreds of millions. During his career he has presented at hundreds of meetings and events to crowds of thousands. His commitment, experience and boundless energy are at your service.