Fast, Flexible, and Free

Being a Sevara Partner is a simple and easy way to earn a side income. If you’re passionate about healthy living and and like earning additional income, this is a good fit. Create a side gig that is flexible, fast and free.


Got your hands full with work, family and fun? A Sevara Partner account is super flexible so you can work it around your life. You can promote the products at an existing business or website you run. Or you can share your excitement about the products on social media. Just link to your e-commerce store to handle the rest.

Fast Income Stream

Sign up and get an instant customized URL for people to order online. A generous 25% referral bonus is paid weekly so you see results fast. If you already have a business such as a gym, blog, or doctor’s office, you can start promoting our products to your clients right away, and even offer people a first-order discount.

Free Account with No Fees

There’s no cost and no commitment. When you join our community of advocates for healthy living, it’s free. There is no join fee, no monthly fees and no hidden fees. Your free account includes a e-commerce site, social media retargeting and all the resources of our advanced digital marketing system